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About Us

Software Features/Benefits

The efficient Xpress Inventory software system saves you and your customer time and money. Xpress increases customer satisfaction by reducing errors.

Benefits / Warehouse Version

  • Xpress software handles all warehouse and trucking transactions, controls inventory and is an easy and efficient billing system for trucking charges.
  • Reduces paperwork, (up to 25 minutes per transaction) no more manual creation of delivery tickets and stock transfers in/out.
  • Xpress system takes only 4 minutes per transaction.
  • Each transaction only requires the entry of information once, reducing the chance for error.
  • Xpress allows warehouses to easily adhere to vendor buying rules.
  • With the click of a mouse, warehouses can check inventories in any of their own warehouse equipped with Xpress.
  • Xpress tracks offsite warehouse equipment - hiboys, van, forklifts, etc.
  • Trucking invoices can be generated immediately after posting transactions.
  • Get the reports you need, when you need them.
  • Xpress records the "class" of dangerous goods that are being moved, which ensures ease of compliance.
  • Xpress stores maps and directions for ease of rural delivery.
  • Immediate shipment tracing and proof of delivery available.
  • Information can be accessed remotely over the Internet from laptop, home office, even a remote project site!
  • User friendly - as little as 1 day training to have your warehouse personnel using Xpress software.
  • This unique efficient time and money saving software will ensure your vendor's loyalty to your warehouse by giving you and them the competitive edge.

Benefits / Vendor Version

  • Xpress software provides vendors with immediate reporting of actual inventory levels at the warehouse.
    • Reduces business lost because you could not supply product.
    • Alleviates backorders, customer delays and complaints.
    • Reduces your capital tied up in overstocked inventory.
    • Assists you in decision making regarding stock transfers.
  • Immediate Proof of Delivery available.
  • Invoicing - easy and accurate way to reconcile billing as you can receive reports on demand and no more multiple copies of paper to handle! Improve your cash flow by faster client invoicing as you have immediate access delivery and credit tickets.
  • Product summary can be reported according to your client's specific instructions. Reports of the total amounts of product shipped to a specific project can be generated.
  • Xpress allows reconciliation of returned product from client project, without hassles to the vendor.
  • Information can be accessed remotely over the Internet from laptop, home office, even a remote project site!
  • Get the reports you need, when you need them.
  • User friendly, as little as 20 minutes training for Vendor to be up and running on Xpress software.
  • Electronic transfer of the information is possible to your other financial applications. The vendor version of Xpress offers an additional module, which accommodates client invoicing directly from Xpress Inventory records, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

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